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For immediate release: New York,NY March 6, 2006:

On Oscar ® night not entirely ALL the action was in Los Angeles where the little gold men were handed out…some of Hollywood’s biggest stars could be found at the 10th annual Entertainment Weekly Magazine Oscar ® Party at Elaine’s in New York City. When they left the party, they carried out gift baskets of goodies that included b joy special edition long “yoga” pants and Capri “yoga” pants.

The lucky recipients included Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill, Fran Drescher , formerly known as the Nanny and currently from Living with Fran, Ivanka Trump from The Apprentice, Frederique Van Der Wal from Victoria’s Secret, Marcia Gay Harden, Iman, Victoria Gotti and many more!

BJOY clothing was invited to be a part of the gift baskets that were created by Flying Television, a New York-based talent and brokering firm.

“I was so excited about this opportunity, “said Melissa Cohen (vice president of sales for the company). 40 pairs of long “yoga” pants and “yoga” capris were sent in total – in a variety of our newest spring colors. “Each pair was embellished with swavorski crystals on the back of our bumble bee branding label, so that the line will be instantly recognizable.”

“This is a really fabulous opportunity for B joy Clothing to get their name out there. I will be thrilled when I see the pants/capris on the pages of a magazine or on a television show,” said Brandon Wexler (President and CEO of BJOY Clothing.). “The best part about all of this is that BJOY clothing is made available to anyone because we have made them accessible and affordable. They are meant to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to look good, and be comfortable!” said Wexler.

Look Good, Be Comfortable, BJOY!

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